Genesis 1:26 through Genesis 2:9

In the whole process of creating human beings, we can see the consistency of Elohim as the director and honored guest actor of the heavenly Trio (the Speaker, the Giver of human spirits, and the Husbandman of the Garden of Eden), Elohim Et as the main actor of the Trio (the Maker and the Giver of the Holy Spirit), and Ruah Elohim as the supporting actor of the Trio (the Indweller of the human body so that the human spirit to live with Him so that the human being is not of the flesh but of the Spirit). The heavenly Trio are Creators, not creatures. They are three Gods of the God category of living beings.

(Revision 1r on June 16, 2018)





= God the Father 

= Theos of John 1:1



Elohim Et 

= God the Son 

= Logos of John 1:1



Announced that the Trio would make human beings




Created a male and a female human beings


Blessed the two human beings and gave them mandates



Prescribed the human diet



Revealed the diet of animals




Looked at His handiworks and satisfied with their quality at the end of the sixth day





Ended His work that He had made (through verb directives) and made no work directives on the seventh day




Blessed and consecrated the seventh day because Elohim, Theos, God the Father did not show His teeth to give work directives on the seventh day, I imagine, so that He can focus in seeing and hearing and smelling and tasting and touching and feeling and enjoying and smiling at all that Logos has created and made according to the agreed designs by the heavenly Trio.


Titled Himself as a Yahweh, an Owner of the Creation.



Has not caused rain to fall.




Titled Himself as a Yahweh as well, an Owner of the Creation.

Sculptured the precursor of the body of Adam with the dust of the ground.

Breathed the Breath of Life into the nostrils of the sculpture which became alive.

The Breath of Life was Ruah Elohim, which was in command of Elohim Et like a human being is breathing in and out air, so that Adam was of the flesh but of the Spirit.  Romans 8:8-9


Planted, not made nor created, a garden and placed Adam there.

Had participated in forming Adam as well.

He was the One who gave the human spirit of Adam to the sculpture right after the Breath of Life entered it.  Ecclesiastes 12:7



Rapidly grew, not made nor created, the fruit and nut trees in the garden including the Tree of Life and the Tree of Experiences of Good and Evil.